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March 9-17

4 months ago


  Weekly Assignments for Third Grade Students:  

March 9-17


History/Social Studies:



Science: Unit 7 Lesson 2: Water Cycle and Weather

Test:  Monday,  March 9


Math: Geometry, Money, and Fractions  


Reading:    “Farmer Allen and the Growing Table”

Skill / Strategy: Predictions, Author’s Purpose

 Test: Tuesday, March 17


Spelling:     Compound words and abbreviations

           Test:   Tuesday, March 17

1.     birthday

2.     anyone

3.     afternoon

4.     airplane

5.     grandmother

6.     faraway

7.     daylight

8.     Mr.

9.     Mrs.

10. Ms.

11. Dr.

12. Rd.

13. St.

14. Ave.

15. nighttime

16. eyesight

17. underground

18. doghouse

19. backpack

20. snowball




1.     scarce – very little of something

2.     greenhouses – glass houses that are used to grow plants and protect them from weather

3.     pollution – harmful or poisonous material in the air, water, and ground

4.     crowded – a space that is filled up with no room left for anything else

5.     vats – large tanks or tubs that can hold water or other liquids

6.     vertical – stands tall or points up

7.     factories -  large buildings where things are built or made by people and machines

How to Access Google Classroom

4 months ago

Google Classroom

You will need to go to Once you have went to the website, please enter the email address and password I sent home with your child. If you have issues getting these to work, please let me know.  After entering email and password, you will select the option "I am a student". You will be directed to a page that allows you to join my class. I have separate classes for reading and math.  You will then be able to go in and view the information listed for that day.  

This is a learning process for everyone, if you have any trouble accessing assignments or have questions please let me know.  You may email me at or call the school at 566-8523 and they will let me know you need assistance.

Thank you!

By Vanessa Justus