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October 14-18 Assignment Sheet

6 days ago

By Vanessa Justus


Weekly Assignments for Third Grade Students:  

October 14-18


History/Social Studies:


Science:  Unit 3 Lessons 2-6 Animal Life Cycles

          Test: Monday, October 14


Math: Review for Benchmark Place Value, Rounding and Comparing numbers, Estimation, Addition and Subtraction, Word Problems

Benchmark 1st 9 Weeks: Tuesday, October 22


Reading:    “The Flag Maker” p. 250-270

          Skill / Strategy: Text Structure and Retell/Summarize

 Test: Friday, October 18


Spelling:     /j/, /k/, /kw/ words

           Test: Friday, October 18

1. ledge

2. nudge

3. smudge

4. budge

5. ridge

6. wedge

7. quiet

8. circus

9. second

10. quart

11. quick

12. comma

13. stage

14. huge

15. quiver

16. constant

17. budget

18. enrage

19. age

20. quilt



1.     endowed – a feature or quality that is yours and belongs to you

2.     declaring – when you feel strongly about something and are making it clearly known

3.     independence – to be free to set your own rules and make your own choices

4.     presented – you show or give something to someone

5.     gritty- rough and sandy

6.     hoisted – when you pull the ropes to lift the flag on the pole

7.     broad - wide

****Dates to Remember****

October 15 – Bible Release Time (If you have not returned the slip and want your child to attend, please write a note giving them permission.)

October 16 – Reading 1st Nine Weeks Benchmark

October 17 – Field trip to library. Please return the permission slip and money ASAP.

October 18 – Flu Shots will be given for those who returned the form