Galaxaybots Finish Strong in Robotics Competition

The Hurley 2018 Robotics team, Galaxybots, take 2nd place in the annual First Legos Robotics Competition held November 10th in Abingdon.

Rock Your School Day
Glow Day

The third graders at HEMS participated in Rock Your School Day on September 20 (inspired by Wade and Hope King from RCA). This Glow Day included searching for things that flowed in UV light, Rolling Math Skills Station, Science Ring Toss, and Fishing for Feature (Geography). The students had a blast reviewing the skills they have learned so far this year while participating in the black light activities!

Fishing for Features-Geography
Glow 8

The third graders at HEMS participated in Rock Your School Day on September 20 (inspired by Wade and Hope King from RCA). This Glow Day included searching for things that flowed in UV light, Rolling Math Skills Station, Science Ring Toss, and Fishing for Feature (Geography). The students had a blast reviewing the skills they have learned so far this year while participating in the black light activities!

Hurley Claims Academic Meet Trophy- 2018

The Hurley Academic Team once again is the Academic Division Champs in the division meet at Hurley on April 23, 2018. The trophy will remain in the school's office on display. The staff at Hurley is very proud of the students for the hard work and effort demonstrated throughout the year.

HEMS Drama Team Performs A Snow White Christmas

4 years ago

Snow White Christmas

Hurley Elementary Middle School  

Drama Team Performs a Snow White Christmas



            On Thursday, December 21, the HEMS Drama Team demonstrated great artistic talent in their presentation of A Snow White Christmas. A Snow White Christmas is a play based on the famous fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with a special holiday twist. Snow White makes everything beautiful with her snow, but the Queen doesn't want snow or Christmas to happen. Of course, the Queen doesn't get her way. Through the help of the forest animals, seven elves, and the prince, Snow White is awakened, snow fills the air, Santa arrives, and Christmas is merry.

            The members of the HEMS Drama Team showed much individual creativity as they planned their costumes, how to present their characters, and decided on props to make their characters the best they could be. The creativity, determination, and cooperation of each team member made for a successful performance of A Snow White Christmas.

Hurley is in the House

4 years ago

Hurley students

Ron Clark Inspired House System

Hurley is in the House

Hurley Elementary / Middle School House System


  Hurley Elementary / Middle (HEMS) has begun to implement the House System for our school. The idea came from attending the world renowned Ron Clark Academy (RCA) professional development, in which the principal and two teachers from HEMS had the wonderful opportunity to watch the house system in action. It seemed that this system brought a stronger sense of community to the academy that we also wanted to have in our school.

            The HEMS House System plans were strongly based on what we observed and became part of RCA. We kept to the idea of four houses represented by a color, an animal, and a characteristic the students can identify with and strive to exemplify. The houses are identified with the following:

Team Amistad: Color – Red ; Symbol – A Deer ; House Characteristic - Friendship    

Team Reveur: Color – Blue ; Symbol – A Wolf ; House Characteristic – Being a Dreamer

Team Isibindi: Color – Green ; Symbol – A Bear ; House Characteristic - Courageous

Team Alturismo: Color – Black ; Symbol – An Eagle ; House Characteristic –Being a Giver

            The HEMS House System includes all of our nearly 400 students from Pre-K to 7th grade. Each was initiated into their individual house by climbing up and sliding down a 30 foot inflatable slide and, at the bottom, choosing a bracelet from the House Box. The students gathered with other house members near their house banner to welcome other members to their house. This initiation was exciting but also very encouraging to us. We witnessed upper-grade students helping the younger students up the slide and, after getting their bracelet, leading them to their house with big smiles and great enthusiasm. The excitement did not stop there though.

            The excitement continues each day in the classrooms, hallways, and even the cafeteria. The students earn house points anywhere and everywhere in the school. The teachers award points for behavior, academics, and attendance. The custodians have awarded points for students assisting in keeping the school clean, and the cafeteria workers are very encouraging when giving points to students who show excellent manners when receiving their breakfast or lunch. The administration also has a wheel to spin for students to earn extra points when they have shown excellent academic achievement or behavior worthy of extra points.

The points are an important part of the HEMS House System. They are awarded daily and recorded on a chart in each room. Once a week, the points are sent to the designated teacher to calculate them and post the weekly winner. The principal announces the weekly winning house on Friday. As for rewards, we have chosen to do this monthly. For December, we had a game of unwrapping small toys and decorating gingerbread men. As for the other houses, they also had a reward of spending time with their house members and practicing house chants. For the last 20 minutes of the monthly meeting, we all come to the gym to share our chants and celebrate our achievements together.

We have discovered that the HEMS house system has made an important impact on the interactions of our students. Students are cheering their fellow students on as they earn points, whether they are in that particular house or not. We have also seen improvement in behavior and manners. The students are part of a house, a team, a family that has to work together to be successful. The house system has allowed an opportunity for the students to interact across different grade levels. It is also a source of positive peer-pressure and motivation inside and outside of the classroom. Our goal for implementing the house system is for the students to become more successful, well-mannered individuals and to gain a stronger sense of community. We are seeing positive results through the House System.


Students Participate in FIRST Legos Robotic Camp

4 years ago

Students Participate in FIRST Legos Robotic Camp

Several students participated in the Legos FIRST Robotics Camp.  The 3-day camp hosted students throughout the county, enabling schools the opportunity to work  together.   Teams gained valuable experience while learning to program the EV3 Robot.   Hurley began its Robotics program last year during the Boys and Girls Club.  Buchanan County will host its FIRST robotics competition in November.  

Hurley Claims Three First Place Ribbons in the 4-H Area II Competition

4 years ago

Lauren Clifton

Lauren Clifton, Jackson Lester, and Brooklyn Estep brought home first place ribbons in the  2017, 4-H Area II Contest.  The event was held April 8TH at Twin Valley Elementary/Middle and showcased the skills and talents of Buchanan, Tazewell, Russell, and Dickenson Counties.   Lauren won in the Junior Vocal category.  Jackson won with his presentation on dinosaurs and Brooklyn won with her First Aid presentation. 

Grinch Week

4 years ago

2nd Grade Students
2nd Grade Grinch Week 

Several “Grinch” centered activities were completed throughout the week -including the following:  reading of book with many discussions, targeted skills,  reviewed-like compare/contrast, making inferences,  problem solving, and conducting science experiments.

Our favorite activity from the week was to watch the Grinch’s heart grow 3X bigger.  We used balloons, baking soda, and vinegar to watch the Grinch’s heart grow.  The students loved this activity!

AEP Visits HEMS on Read to Me Day

4 years ago

READ to Me Day


 Brian Craig Hatfield, with Appalachian Electric Power read to Hurley Elementary Middle School, Pre-K through 2nd grade students.  Read to Me Day, is an Annual event in which employees read to students at schools throughout the company’s service territory.   This is a great opportunity for employees to emphasize the important role that reading plays in education and careers, while emphasizing the importance of safety.

Hurley Elementary Middle School Students Become Published Authors

4 years ago

Hurley Elementary Middle School Students

Hurley Elementary Middle School Students Become Published Authors


For the past five years, the students in Charlotte Ashby’s Language Arts class have written and submitted a poem to be considered in Creative Communication’s Fall Poetry Contest.   This year, 27 of her students were accepted for publication. Each student‘s writing will be published in Creative Communication’s hardcover anthology. This is not a contest that publishes every entry, so it is an honor to be accepted and published in the book.  The Hurley Elementary Middle School community is proud of these young writers.

The following are the students accepted for publication:

Abigail Cline, Chelsea Justus, Chase Justice, Lauren Clifton, Oliva Lester, Kiara Miller, Jayden Justus, Jayme Stacy, Haley Justus, Kevin Looney, Courtney Lee, Skyler Honaker, Dalton Stacy, Vanessa Lester, Josh Ashby, Trey Cline, Makenna Stacy, Peyton Bailey, Brianna Hardin, Tyler Smith, Eddie Hurley, Mason McClanahan, Autumn Hardin, Madison Dotson, Lindsay Justus, Bobby Jackson, and Alexis Dotson.

Hurley Elementary Middle Takes a Stand Against Bullying!

4 years ago

Omegaman visited Hurley Elementary Middle School

Omegaman visited Hurley Elementary Middle School on September 12, 2016.  Omegaman encouraged every student to be a HERO-Helping Everyone Respect Others.   The students had a fabulous time while learning about the value of respect,responsibility, and self-control. 






Be a Hero!

Stand up to Bullying!