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I Am Helen Keller

15 days ago

By Erica Justus March 16- March 20

I am helen keller-- biography--text features/fact and opinion

Vocabulary 2.6
1.  deal- you can understand and get along with people
2. figured- you can understand something
3. communicate- share ideas and information
4. motioned- move your hand or head to show someone what to do
5. approached- someone or something gets closer to you
6. series- a group of things that come after another
7. selfless- you care about others more than yourself
8. potential- what you can do in the future if you work hard now

Phonics 2.4 words with r -controlled vowels -or and -ore

1. chore
2. glory
3. storm
4. north
5. store
6. thorn
7. morning
8. stork
9. snore
10. worn
11. tore
12. forget
13. score
14. important
15. tornado

Language Arts 2.7  Suffiexes -ful less  synonyms and antonyms
Math 2.15 Pictographs and Bar Graphs
Science 2.1  Scientific Investigation
Social Studies 2.11  Americans who contributions improved the lives of other Americans- George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robinson, and Martin Luther King Jr.