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4C Virginia Studies

4th Grade Math

4th History

4th Reading/Lang Arts

5B Math

5th History

5th Math

6A History

6A Reading

6B History

6B History

6th Math

7th Grade Language Arts

7th History

Activity Schedule

Activity Schedule

Activity Schedule


Assignments 6B, 5A, 5B

Assignment Sheet

Assignment Sheet

assignment sheet weekly

Autism Classroom

Class Information

Classroom Fun

Class Schedule

Grade 4 Science

Grade 5 Science

Grade 7 Science


HEMS Faculty and Staff

Hurley Elementary Middle School


KB 2018-2019

K-C Class of 2018-2019

K-C Kindergarten Class of 2018-2019

KG KA 2018-2019



Mrs. Kathy Blankenship

Mrs. Kathy Blankenship

Mrs. Vanessa's Information

Ms. Holly's 1st Grade

Ms. Jennifer's First Grade Class 18-19

Ms. Sue's 1st grade


Seventh Grade

Sight Word List

Sixth Grade

Third Grade Science & Social Studies


Weekly Assignment Sheet