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September 9-13 Assignment Sheet

By Vanessa Justus


Weekly Assignments for Third Grade Students:  

September 9-13


Math:         Finish Place Value; Begin Comparing numbers (greater than, less than, equal to) and ordering numbers


History/Social Studies: North America & South America Continents

          Test: Thursday, September 12


Science:      Scientific Method & Tools

          Test: TBA


Reading:    Story: “Scaredy Squirrel”

Skill / Strategy: Point of View; Text Features

        Test: Friday, September 13


Spelling:     Long a and long e words

        Test: Friday, September 13

1. lay

2. real

3. trail

4. sweet

5. today

6. dream

7. sleep

8. tea

9. treat

10. afraid

11. leave

12. bait

13. speed

14. lead

15. erase

16. decide

17. speak

18. paid

19. flavor

20. even



1.     venturing: going somewhere that is unfamiliar and may be unsafe

2.     predictable: Just what you expected, no surprises

3.     emergency: an unexpected situation that requires help or quick action to make it better

4.     consult: to look at something to find information

5.     distract: focus attention away from something

6.     drastic: to make a change that is very different from what you have always done



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